The establishment of an open file standard to exchange data for the Net Promoter System will help broaden its acceptance among users and vendors, and follows models associated with open source software projects.


This Open Data Interchange – Net Promoter System is an open-source initiative to promote the next step in the development of the Net Promoter System (NPS). The aim is to make it easy for vendors and users to exchange data in a common format, helping to make the Net Promoter System the de facto standard for loyalty and customer retention.

The format includes:

  • All usual CRM fields, allowing a database of customers to be easily surveyed.
  • Usual Net Promoter fields (score, comment), allowing a data set to be analysed by an external system or re-imported into a CRM system.
  • Meta data, including time-stamps, action for workflow etc.

The vision is to develop vendor-neutral reporting standards for NPS. The first step is to implement data standards – in the IT world examples like GIF, MP3, PDF, AVI exist.

Why develop the Open Data Interchange for Net Promoter?

The Open Data Interchange will:

1. Enable Data Portability Between Software Solutions

Organisations that implement a Net Promoter program with a software solution that adheres to the Open Data Interchange are able to import and export data between systems, and mix, match, and change software providers on an as-needed basis. This gives organisations greater control over their data and grows the industry as a whole. It should also mean that programs can be implemented in a shorter timescale.

2. Increase Adoption of the Net Promoter System

As transparency increases, public confidence in the Net Promoter industry as a whole will also rise. This will encourage adoption of the Net Promoter System by organisations that are seeking recognised and accepted standards to gathering and measuring customer feedback, as well as importing and exporting data. This initiative has the potential to cement the Net Promoter System as the global cross-industry go-to standard for customer loyalty.

What it Involves

The Open Data Interchange includes a Standard Import/Exchange template 1.0, which spans areas such as Scale, Customer Type, Methodology, Geography, Timing, Response Rates, and Score. A detailed explanation can be found below, along with template downloads.

Please note that the Import/Exchange template is now version 1.0. In order to become a true industry standard, it needs the support and collaboration of Net Promoter industry stakeholders. Future versions of the template will be rolled out with the input of industry stakeholders that wish to be involved.

With the goal of cementing the Net Promoter System as the global gold standard for measuring customer loyalty, there is an open-ended invitation to Net Promoter industry stakeholders to be involved with the development and adoption of the Open Data Interchange – see the bottom of this page for details.

This is the Net Promoter System – Open Data Interchange IMPORT/EXPORT format, 1.0 version published on 01-28-2014: 09:43.

  • Data should be presented in a “flat file” format

  • All fields on one line

  • Preferred format XML. CSV and XLS (Excel) can be optionally used for convenient manual uploads.

  • Mandatory field needs to be filled in.

  • For CSV, XLS - Do not change the order of the columns

  • If the data field(s) is not applicable to your situation do not delete the column(s) and just leave it as blank (do not use null as a value).

  • Supported date format are:

    • For Excel any standard XLS date format is supported (NB be aware of 1900 v 1904 date issues:

    • For CSV and XML file type the date format should be yyyy-mm-dd hh:ii:ss ,i.e. 2014-12-01 12:00:00

Parts of the Data – Overview

  • Personal Contact Data (relates to the person)

    • Name, email etc

    • Language

    • Personal Segmentation (job level etc)

  • Company Contact Data (B2B - relates to the account)

    • Name

    • Address

    • Country

    • Company segmentation data (division, size of company, salesperson)

  • Miscellaneous

    • Date reference

    • Other segmentation details

  • "Bring Your Own Data” (BYOD) historic NPS details

Parts of the Data – Personal Details

Field Name




Your reference for this customer, customer ID eg 446788 (could be Salesforce Customer Number)(MANDATORY)



Contact email address (eg



International standard: + CountryCode Local Number, e.g. +1 212 5555 5555



Eg “John”



Eg “Smith”



Eg “Mr”



Eg “Marketing Manager”



This shows person in, Eg “A” (can be one of ABCU, A is Strategic eg CxO, VP, B = Tactical eg Manager, C= Operational, U=Unknown )



ISO 639: Two-letter Language Code for invite and survey, e.g. EN



Company reference, company ID eg ACME12, Account Number, Salesforce Account Ref, etc



Company Name, eg ACME



Last fiscal year revenue



Pareto indication of Revenue High or Low. Helps to show on heat map. Use “A” High or “B” Low



Relevant person who interacted on this transaction or account



Email for the AgentName



Respondent, Mandatory, eg "US" (2 digit names ISO Standard)



Respondent State



Respondent Area



Respondent City



Respondent Division, eg Marketing


Currency ISO 4217 Currency Code: USD, EUR, etc Char(3)
NPSFormat Transactional/relationship Enum(Transactional/Relationship)
NPSType b2b/b2c/b2e Enum(b2b/b2c/b2e)
NumberOrder Unique transaction identifier, e.g. order number, call ID, etc tinytext
OrderValue Order value if transactional Decimal(15)
DateOrder Date the transaction occurred (MANDATORY), required for reporting purposes. Date cannot exceed the upload date date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
segment_a Custom data, can be used as organisation needs (distinct values, for filtering) Char(100)
segment_b Custom data, can be used as organisation needs (distinct values, for filtering) Char(100)
segment_c Custom data, can be used as organisation needs (distinct values, for filtering) Char(100)
segment_d Custom data, can be used as organisation needs (distinct values, for filtering) Char(100)
segment_e Custom data long text, (not available for filtering) Char(255)
FlightName Name of flight “Spring 2013” Char(255)
NetPromoterScore 0 – 10 standard (mandatory) int(2)
Comment Verbatim Text, comment, up to 65K chars UTF-8 text
SurveyCompletedDate Survey completed: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
EmailSentDate Survey invite sent: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
FollowUpRequired Y or N :  did customer ask for a follow up call? char(1)

Interested stakeholders are invited to discuss the Open Data Interchange in the LinkedIn Group ( follow on Twitter @OpenDataNPS, or by emailing The Open Data Interchange is currently supported by the following organisations:

The Open Data Interchange initiative was launched by CustomerGauge in January 2014, following proposals to standardize Net Promoter Reporting (